Dear Customer,
10 years ago, on December 22, 2000 at 7:30 A.M., appeared on the World Wide Web. In three minutes, our first order arrived through a customer from Parma. The first day ended with 104 customers registering on our site. On the following day, we opened our first “business” account for the one of the University of Verona libraries, and received our first order from a European customer from Spain, who purchased a publication by Saur: European Regional Incentives 1993-94 . This publication is still available in our catalog. After a while we received our first intercontinental order: it came from Australia and the customer is still one of’s users.
Our orders have doubled in number every year: an extraordinary success.

Today gets thousands of orders from more than 150 Countries. has become the most comprehensive online bookshop in Italy, with 16 million products ranging from books – Italian, English, French, Spanish, German – to movies, from Italian music to USA music – imported from all over the world – from international video games to e-books.

If we have reached this point, if has succeeded in becoming the most comprehensive and important e-commerce site, we owe it especially to you: our valued customers.
Certainly, our sixty years of experience in the publishing industry has helped, but without your active support, your timely advice and valuable suggestions, we would never have achieved such excellence.

So thanks so much: our success has depended largely on you.
Special thanks to the hundreds of Italian librarians: many of the applications and features available today on have been developed with your needs and requests in mind.
In these ten years, the publishing market has been completely overwhelmed by the explosive power of the Internet and e-commerce.

In 2004, Chris Anderson stated:
“… …. With the rise of the Internet, also change the parameters and laws of doing business: it is not (or only) the top ten to fatten the budgets. The magic formula – 80/20: 80 percent of profit comes from 20 percent of the products – no longer valid. And the dawn of what, who knows of Statistics, calls "the long tail of the Internet.”
… New players, even at low cost, can have a space, until recently, unthinkable. Just look at the phenomenon of blogs in the network there is room for everyone. It confirms that, today, the imperative of business, the network is “down to the tail.” is in the “long tail”. allows tens of thousands of “minor” authors and artists to have visibility on the Internet, a network that is viewed by over 1 billion people every day. Many of the products we sell are not the usual and known “best-selling book”, but books, music and movies that cannot find space in traditional stores”.
The Internet has given them visibility.
We are proud to offer our contribution to the diffusion of Italian culture.

Kind regards and my best wishes for the coming Holidays

Fabrizio Ligi
CEO Chief Executive Officer

Special Lettera Amministratore Delegato Ai Clienti

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