Reactive business intelligence

by: Roberto Battiti - Mauro Brunato

Reactive business intelligence
Author: Roberto Battiti, Mauro Brunato

Publisher: Reactive Search

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Publication date: 07 October 2011

ISBN 13: 9788890579516 This product is an E-publication based on: Reactive business intelligence. From data to models to insight (2011)

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Reactive Business Intelligence is much more than "pretty pictures." It is about integrating data mining, modeling and interactive visualization, into an end-to-end discovery and continuous innovation process powered by human and automated learning. This holistic and unifying goal requires collecting and integrating topics whichare usually dissected into books dedicated to different areas. Brevity and attention to the founding ideas and methods were our design principles. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Reactive Search

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Age recommended: General/trade

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