Trasgressione (La)

by: Fabrizio Rampelli

Trasgressione (La)
Director: Fabrizio Rampelli
Cast: Giorgio Ardisson, Rosanna Banfi, Pierfrancesco Campanella, Claudia Cavalcanti, Milly D'Abbraccio, Didi Perego

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Format: DVD video

Region code Europe, Japan, South Africa and Middle East (including Egypt)

Department Erotic

Publication date 24 July 2012

First published 1988

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Trasgressione (La) , a dvd by Fabrizio Rampelli

Uno studente universitario complessato si vede respingere la tesi di laurea. Contrariato si inietta una dose abbondante di droga e cade in preda ad allucinazioni.
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General information on film Trasgressione (La)

Run time 85 minutes

Color B/W: COL

Video Ratio Wide Screen

Publisher/developer: Federal Video

Original title: Trasgressione (La)

Language: Italian

Subtitles language: Italian

Audience: For over 18-year-olds only Top page

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