Johnny English - La Rinascita (Blu-Ray+Dvd+Digital Copy)

by: Oliver Parker

Johnny English - La Rinascita (Blu-Ray+Dvd+Digital Copy)
Director: Oliver Parker
Cast: Gillian Anderson, Rowan Atkinson, Ilan Eshkeri, Togo Igawa, Rosamund Pike, Dominic West

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Format: Blu-ray

Region code Europe, Japan, South Africa and Middle East (including Egypt)

Department Comedy

Publication date 10 October 2013

First published 2011

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Johnny English - La Rinascita (Blu-Ray+Dvd+Digital Copy) , a dvd by Oliver Parker

Rowan Atkinson torna a vestire i panni dell'agente segreto più maldestro che esista. Questa volta la goffa spia sarà alle prese con una ragnatela di cospirazione che corre per tutto il KGB, la CIA e persino l'MI-7, minacciando l'incolumità del primo ministro Cinese...
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General information on film Johnny English - La Rinascita (Blu-Ray+Dvd+Digital Copy)

Run time 107 minutes

Color B/W: COL

Video Ratio Wide Screen

Publisher/developer: Universal Pictures

Original title: Johnny English Reborn

Language: Hindi English Italian Spanish German

Subtitles language: Chinese Korean Greek English Italian Dutch Portuguese Spanish German

Audience: General Top page

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