Art Of Action (The)

by: Keith R. Clarke

Art Of Action (The)
Director: Keith R. Clarke
Cast: David Carradine, Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Samuel L. Jackson, Ang Lee, Bruce Lee, Cynthia Rothrock, Steve Rucker, John Woo, Ronny Yu

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Format: DVD video

Region code Europe, Japan, South Africa and Middle East (including Egypt)

Department Action / adventure

Publication date 15 February 2011

First published 2002

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From Youtube ™

Art Of Action (The) , a dvd by Keith R. Clarke

Un viaggio attraverso la storia delle arti marziali nel cinema, dalle sue origini alle straordinarie esibizioni della cinematografia moderna.
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General information on film Art Of Action (The)

Run time 92 minutes

Color B/W: COL

Video Ratio Full Screen

Publisher/developer: Columbia Tristar

Original title: Art Of Action (The)

Language: English

Subtitles language: Arabic Czech Danish Hebrew Finnish French Greek Hindi English Italian Norwegian Dutch Polish Portuguese Spanish German Turkish Hungarian

Audience: General Top page

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