Jazz4 Chillin:Sweet Delights From Caf

by: Various

Jazz4 Chillin:Sweet Delights From Caf by: Various

Label: Nagel Hayer/Albany

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Genre: Jazz

Format: CD-Audio

Publication date: May 2014

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EAN: 0645347400221

Record updated at: 19 May, 2014 time: 00:17

Tracks from CD n. 1

1. The Weeping Prince
by: Printup Performed by: Marcus Printup
2. Some Other Time
by: Leonard Bernstein Performed by: Lyambiko
3. Borrowed Time
by: John Lennon Performed by: Roy Powell
4. This Time the Dream's on
by: Harold Arlen Performed by: Harry Allen
5. It Might as Well Be Sprin
by: Oscar Hammerstein II Performed by: Karl Schloz
6. Embraceable You
by: George Gershwin Performed by: Wycliffe Gordon
7. Charise
by: Dave Glasser Performed by: Dave Glasser
8. The Way We Were
by: Alan Bergman Performed by: Catherine Michel
9. Maya
by: David Gibson Performed by: David Gibson
10. Clouds in Green
by: Shinichi Kato Performed by: Shinichi Kato
11. Better Than Words
by: Schoenecker Performed by: Chris Potter
12. Dream a Little Dream of M
by: Fabian Andre Performed by: Dan Barrett

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