Jazz standards

Jazz standards

Label: RETRO

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Tracks from CD n. 1

1. Stanley clarke - oleo
2. David benoit - blue ronda a'la turk
3. Pete christlieb - when I fall in love
4. Paul smith - I could have danced all night
5. Phil woods - foggy day
6. Stanley clarke - jeru
7. Pete christlieb - the very thought of you
8. David benoit - straight no chaser
9. Phil woods - when the sun comes out
10. Paul smith - i've got rhythm
11. Stanley clarke - manteca
12. Phil woods - right as rain
13. Paul smith - where or when

Tracks from CD n. 2

1. Stanley clarke - salt peanuts
2. David benoit - cute
3. Pete christlieb - angel eyes
4. Paul smith - on a clear day you can see forever
5. Phil woods - i've got you under my skin
6. Stanley clarke - perdido
7. Pete christlieb - got it bad and that ain't good
8. David benoit - I love you porgy
9. Phil woods - I concentrate on you
10. David benoit cakewalk
11. Pete christlieb - lush life
12. Paul smith - surrey with the fringe on top

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