If Hunting Had To Be Told

by: Dumont - Loopmans

If Hunting Had To Be Told by: Dumont, Loopmans

Label: Koch Discover

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Genre: Classical

Format: CD-Audio

Publication date: August 1997

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EAN: 0741952427025

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Tracks from CD n. 1

1. La Beaulieu
by: M Hageman
2. La Daubigny
by: Cl. Tamigniaux
3. Salut à St. Hubert
by: H. Joliot
4. La St. Hubert
by: P. Dampierre
5. L'Harmonie des Forets, ca
by: M. Tyndare
6. Der Freischütz, opera, J.
by: Carl Maria von Weber
7. Le Depart du Rendez-Vous
by: Anonymous
8. La Calèche des Dames
by: Anonymous
9. Chasse et mort du Cerf
by: A. Larrieu
10. La Curée
by: Anonymous
11. Les Honneurs du Pied
by: Michele Tellier
12. Souvenirs de Sully
by: Gustave Rochard
13. Souvenirs de Tilleghemm
by: Anonymous
14. La Daulne
by: Anonymous
15. Le Moulin de la Vierge
by: Anonymous
16. mort due Cerf
by: Anonymous
17. Le Cor-Danse le Soir d'Or
by: J. Sevin
18. Souvenirs de Rouen
by: G. Laugé
19. Le Cor
by: Ange Flégier
20. Angelus (antiphon)
by: Anonymous

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