Eight Seconds (Ost)

by: Various

Eight Seconds (Ost) by: Various

Label: Mca Dist Corp

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Genre: Soundtrack and musical

Format: CD-Audio

Publication date: January 1994

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EAN: 0008811092726

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Tracks from CD n. 1

1. Burnin' up the Road
by: Bill Carter Performed by: John Anderson
2. Pull Your Hat Down Tight
by: Lewis Storey Performed by: Pam Tillis
3. No More Cryin'
by: Josh Leo Performed by: McBride & the Ride
4. Standing Right Next to Me
by: Karla Bonoff Performed by: Karla Bonoff
5. Ride 'Em High, Ride 'Em L
by: Bonnie Dunn Performed by: Brooks & Dunn
6. Just Once
by: David Lee Murphy Performed by: David Lee Murphy
7. When Will I Be Loved?
by: Phil Everly Performed by: Karla Bonoff
8. If I Had Only Known
by: Craig Morris Performed by: Reba McEntire
9. Texas Is Bigger Than It U
by: Bonnie Rogers Performed by: Mark Chesnutt
10. You Hung the Moon
by: Kevin Savigar Performed by: Patty Smyth
11. Once in a While
by: John Bettis Performed by: Billy Dean
12. Lane's Theme
by: Bill Conti Performed by: Bill Conti

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