Back 2 The Future80's

by: Various

Back 2 The Future80's by: Various

Label: Topaz Records/Warlock Records

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Genre: Dance, dj

Format: CD-Audio

Publication date: January 2003

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EAN: 0026656264429

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Tracks from CD n. 1

1. Safety Dance
by: Ivan Doroschuk Performed by: Charles Feelgood
2. Sex (I'm A...)
by: Buckler Performed by: Static Revenger
3. People Are People
by: Martin L. Gore Performed by: 30 Dirty Junkies
4. Bizarre Love Triangle
by: New Order Performed by: Omar Santana
5. Big in Japan
by: Marian Gold Performed by: Spacegirl
6. Promises in the Dark
by: Pat Benatar Performed by: Cary DeVore
7. Jump
by: Claire Hamill Performed by: CTGP
8. Everybody Wants You
by: Billy Squier Performed by: Kelly Reverb
9. Every Little Thing She Do
by: Sting Performed by: AC
10. Cars
by: Gary Numan Performed by: George Centeno
11. I Know There's Something
by: Russ Ballard Performed by: Organica
12. Axel F
by: Harold Faltermeyer Performed by: Rocky Maki
13. Hold Me Now
by: Tom Bailey Performed by: DJ Vicious Vic
14. I.O.U.
by: Arthur Baker Performed by: DJ Cerla
15. West End Girls
by: Chris Lowe Performed by: Chase
16. Is This Love
by: David Coverdale Performed by: DJ X-Dream
17. Blister in the Sun
by: Gordon Gano Performed by: DJ Miss Lisa
18. Don't You Want Me
by: Callis, John William Performed by: Miljanos
19. Sun and Rainfall
by: Martin L. Gore Performed by: Frances Elizee

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