B Music Cross Continental Record Raid

by: Various

B Music Cross Continental Record Raid by: Various

Label: Finders Keepers Uk/Zoom

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Genre: Pop

Format: CD-Audio

Publication date: May 2008

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EAN: 5060099500183

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Tracks from CD n. 1

1. Baad Schandau
by: EfZámbó, I. Performed by: Bizottság, AE
2. Roadrunner
by: Kass, P. Performed by: Paul Kass
3. Tontos
by: Alvarez, J. Performed by: Billy Bond
4. Yetke
by: Kayseri Performed by: Dilek, Zafer
5. Tak Dej Se K Ruman a Proj
by: Petrina, O. Performed by: Kubisová, Marta
6. Granvelle
by: Annegarn, D. Performed by: Dick Annegarn
7. Caravan
by: Tizol, J. Performed by: Leyland, Rodway Duo
8. Då Klagar Mina Grannar
by: Jensen, E. Performed by: Charlie & Esdor
9. Water World
by: Spence, S. Performed by: Sam Spence
10. Crazy 'Bout You Baby
by: Williams, J. Performed by: Williams, Jerry
11. Un Soir Chez Norris
by: Cavalli, P. Performed by: Pierre Cavalli
12. Archaeology
by: Socarras, J. Performed by: Indoor Life
13. Sulla Neve con Te
by: Andaloro, C. Performed by: Andaloro, Carmen
14. The World Is a Ghetto
by: Allen, P.D. Performed by: Amral's Trinidad Cav
15. For You
by: Rui, C. Performed by: The Stylers
16. GWR Bonheddig
by: Davies, John Performed by: Chwys
17. Air
by: Bland Performed by: Onyx
18. Wydicombe Fair
by: Phillips, R. Performed by: Nashville, Teens

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