Acid Genetiks:Innovations In Applied

by: Various

Acid Genetiks:Innovations In Applied by: Various

Label: Cleopatra Records/Ka

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Genre: Pop

Format: CD-Audio

Publication date: September 1996

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EAN: 0741157979527

Record updated at: 26 May, 2014 time: 00:22

Tracks from CD n. 1

1. Harmony, Pt. 1
Performed by: Lazer Caps
2. Night Whore
Performed by: Kinder Atom
3. El Distorto
Performed by: Mouth 392
4. Akzidenz
Performed by: Manuel Puig Orchestr
5. Funny Knobs
Performed by: Mouth 392
6. Bubble
Performed by: Scratch Force
7. Modular Noise Funk
Performed by: Lazer Caps
8. Saturn Six
Performed by: The Escape
9. Robobum
Performed by: Rolando
10. Outburst
Performed by: Parade

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