A Candle In The Dark

by: Miscellanee

A Candle In The Dark by: Miscellanee

Label: Harmonia Mundi

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Genre: Classical

Format: CD-Audio

Publication date: November 2000

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EAN: 0093046714024

Record updated at: 17 September, 2014 time: 06:15

Tracks from CD n. 1

1. Prelude (and Ground), for
by: William Byrd
2. In darkness let me dwell,
by: John Dowland
3. In Nomine, on D for 5 voi
by: William Mundy
4. Sorrow, stay, lend true r
by: John Dowland
5. Devil's Dream
by: Anonymous
6. Dr. Faustus
by: Anonymous
7. In Nomine
by: Picforth
8. In Nomine a 5 ("Trust")
by: Christopher Tye
9. Thrice Toss These Oaken A
by: Thomas Campion
10. Johnson's grounde
by: John Johnson
11. Passamezzo Pavan
by: John Johnson
12. Come woeful Orpheus, madr
by: William Byrd
13. An aged dame, consort son
by: William Byrd
14. Sit Fast a 3
by: Christopher Tye
15. So Beauty on the Waters S
by: Alfonso Ferrabosco
16. Fantasia 2 a 4
by: Robert White
17. His golden locks Time has
by: John Dowland
18. Move now with measured so
by: Thomas Campion

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