Ya! And John-Juan: AND John-Juan

by: Doug Woolf

Ya! And John-Juan: AND John-Juan
Author: Doug Woolf

Publisher: Dalkey Archive Press

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Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 01 March 2003

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ISBN: 1564782816 ISBN 13: 9781564782816

Complete description

Well-respected throughout his career, Douglas Woolf created some of the most startlingly original works of the twentieth century. The two novels collected here create a dreamlike vision of America where helplessness prevails and the actions of the sane seem tinged with madness. Ya! takes place during the Christmas reunion of a penniless novelist and his teenage daughter at the nightmarish home of a super-American family; John-Juan begins with an amnesiac who finds himself in a Mexican border town with only his pajamas and watch before becoming part of a surreal and somewhat frightening community organized around "runners" that collect trash along the highways. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Dalkey Archive Press

City: Normal, IL

Pages: 245

More info: height 203 mm width 142 mm weight 454 gr thickness 19 mm

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Age recommended: General/trade

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC21) 813.54 Library of Congress Subject: Alienation (Social psychology)

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