The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds

by: Alexander McCall Smith

The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds
Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Publisher: Little, Brown

Series: Isabel Dalhousie Novels

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: 06 September 2012

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ISBN: 1408704145 ISBN 13: 9781408704141

The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds by Alexander McCall Smith

An unexpected appeal for help from a collector who has been the victim of an art theft threatens to take Isabel Dalhousie far outside her comfort zone. Top page

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As a mother, wife, employer and editor of the Review of Applied Ethics, Isabel Dalhousie is aware that to be human is to be responsible. So when a neighbour brings her a new and potentially dangerous puzzle to solve, once again Isabel feels she has no option but to shoulder the burden. A masterpiece painting has been stolen from Duncan Munrowe, old-fashioned philanthropist, father to two discontented children, and a very wealthy man. As Isabel enters into negotiations with the shadowy figures who are in search of a ransom, a case where heroes and villains should be clearly defined turns murky: the list of those who desire the painting - or the money - lengthens, and hasty judgement must be avoided at all cost. Morals, it turns out, are like Scottish clouds: complex, changeable and tricky to get a firm grip on; they require a sharp observational eye, a philosophical mindset, and the habit of kindness. Fortunately for those around her, Isabel Dalhousie is in possession of all three. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Little, Brown

City: London

Pages: 256

More info: height 241 mm width 160 mm weight 560 gr thickness 24 mm

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Age recommended: General/trade

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC23) 823.92

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