The Two Brothers

by: William Jaspersohn - Michael Donato

The Two Brothers
Author: William Jaspersohn, Michael Donato

Publisher: Vermont Folklife Center

Series: Family Heritage

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: 02 January 2014

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ISBN: 0916718166 ISBN 13: 9780916718169

The Two Brothers by William Jaspersohn - Michael Donato

Heinrich and Friedrich, two brothers in Prussia in the 1880s, travel separately to America and end up working on adjacent farms in Vermont. Top page

Complete description

Award-winning author William Jaspersohn brings American history alive in a moving immigrant tale. The story retells the amazing, true saga of the Eurich brothers from Prussia, who arrive five years apart in America in the 1880s and who miraculously end up on neighboring farms in central Vermont. An activity page offers suggestions to young readers about ways to explore their own family heritage. Ages 6-10. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Vermont Folklife Center

City: Middlebury

Pages: 32

More info: height 209 mm width 261 mm weight 386 gr thickness 10 mm

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Age recommended: Children/juvenile

Subject Indexing & Classification Library of Congress Subject: Vermont

Departments: Fiction;

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