The Gentleman's Auditor

Or, a New and Easy Method for Keeping Accompts of Gentlemens Estates, as Well in Relation to Their Layings-Out, as Comings-In. ... by T. R. the Third Edition, Corrected.

by: T R (Thomas Richards)

The Gentleman's Auditor
Author: T R (Thomas Richards)

Publisher: Gale Ecco, Print Editions

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Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 10 June 2010

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ISBN: 1170810063 ISBN 13: 9781170810064

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Publisher & Imprint: Gale Ecco, Print Editions

Pages: 36

More info: height 189 mm width 246 mm weight 82 gr thickness 2 mm

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Age recommended: General/trade

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