The Essential Concepts of Nursing

A Critical Review

Edited by John R. Cutcliffe - Hugh McKenna

The Essential Concepts of Nursing

Edited by John R. Cutcliffe, Hugh McKenna

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Publication date: 11 October 2005

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ISBN: 0443073724 ISBN 13: 9780443073724

The Essential Concepts of Nursing

Bringing together the leading authorities to offer their expertise, this book presents the building blocks and concepts of nursing theory. Top page

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For the first time, leading authorities come together to offer their expertise as they present the building blocks and concepts of nursing theory. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

City: London

Pages: 388

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Age recommended: College/higher education

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC22) 610.73

Departments: Nursing;

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Summary The Essential Concepts of Nursing Foreword, Professor Peggy Chinn Foreword, Professor Afaf Melis Preface Contributing Authors Chapter One: An Introduction to Concepts and their Analyses, Hugh McKenna & John Cutcliffe Chapter Two: A Concept Analysis of Abuse, Judee Onyskiw Chapter Three: A Concept Analysis of Caring, Tanya McCance Chapter Four: A Concept Analysis of Comfort, Linda Lowe and John Cutcliffe Chapter Five: A Concept Analysis of Coping, Catherine Black Chapter Six: A Concept Analysis of Dignity, Jerome Marley Chapter Seven: The Concept of Empathy, Bill Reynolds Chapter Eight: A Critical Examination of the Concept of Empowerment, Jim Dooher & Richard Byrt Chapter Nine: A Concept Analysis of Facilitation, Carole McIlrath Chapter Ten: Delineating the Concept of Fatigue using a Pragmatic Utility Approach, Karin Olson & Janice Morse Chapter Eleven: Grief - an Analysis of the Concept as it Relates to Bereavement, Kate Sullivan Chapter Twelve: Diversity or Divisiveness? A Critical Analysis of Hope, Cheryl Nekoliachuk Chapter Thirteen: Taking Humour Seriously - an Analysis of the Concept of 'Humour,' Kristiina Hyrkas Chapter Fourteen: An Analysis of Loneliness as a Concept of Importance for Dying Persons, Bob Brown Chapter Fifteen: A concept analysis of shame, Mary Hasse & Lanny Magnassun Chapter Sixteen: Towards a Praxis of Suffering, Janice Morse Chapter Seventeen: A Concept Analysis of Nursing Support, Dianne Ellis, Sue Jackson & Chris Stevenson Chapter Eighteen: A Concept Analysis of Therapeutic Touch, Jim Campbell Chapter Nineteen: A Concept Analysis of Therapeutic Relationships, Mary Chambers Chapter Twenty: Towards an Understanding of Trust, Wendy Austin Chapter Twenty One: A Concept Analysis of Vulnerability, Jude Spiers Chapter Twenty Two: The Evolution of Concept Analysis - Where do we go from Here?, John Cutcliffe and Hugh McKenna Top page

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