The Dog Poker Code

by: D. B. Smithee

The Dog Poker Code
Author: D. B. Smithee


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Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 09 March 2006

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ISBN: 1411677323 ISBN 13: 9781411677326

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Ahh, canis familiaris - the family dog. Nothing warms the human heart more than this maleable quadraped in any of its many guises: the adorable pup, the steadfast hound, the fearless protector, the loveable mutt, the devoted sidekick. Throughout the centuries this trusted companion has been cherished, safe and secure in its position as man's best friend. That is, until now...Join domesticated Dr. Jack Quick and the fetching Ms. Claire Tyler as they follow a trail of clues leading to a sprawling network of conspiracy and secrecy. From the first trick to the final revelation, their mysterious journey will challenge your deepest canine convictions and keep that tail wagging faster than you can say, "Rhodesian Ridgeback." Intricate puzzles solved with panache and wit, deathbed doggerel, short chapters numbered sequentially, oversized plush toys - what more do you need? Don't put off what other well-bred pet owners have already done, read The Dog Poker Code! Top page

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Publisher & Imprint:

City: Morrisville

Pages: 124

More info: height 229 mm width 152 mm weight 193 gr thickness 7 mm

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Age recommended: General/trade

Departments: Humour;

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