The Daemon Parallel

by: Roy Gill

The Daemon Parallel
Author: Roy Gill

Publisher: Kelpies

Series: Kelpies

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Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 22 March 2012

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ISBN: 0863158692 ISBN 13: 9780863158698 This product is replaced by a new edition: Daemon Parallel (2014)

The Daemon Parallel by Roy Gill

Cameron is introduced to Edinburgh's dark side, a parallel world he never knew existed. Top page

Complete description

It was over coffee and biscuits that Grandma Ives offered to return Cameron's father from the dead...Cameron never came to visit his grandma when his dad was alive -- and he's just found out the reason why. Sent to stay with her after his father's death, Grandma Ives soon reveals their family's extraordinary abilities, and introduces him to the dark side of Edinburgh he never knew existed -- the Daemon Parallel. Cameron is sent on dangerous missions in Edinburgh's daemon underworld to find the ingredients for an ancient spell that will bring his dad back to life. Cameron befriends a werewolf, bargains with a giant bat-like beast, and struggles to escape the clutches of a powerful spider daemon. But will he survive long enough to finish the resurrection spell? And who can he trust in a world where nothing is what it seems? Top page

General info

Publisher & Imprint: Kelpies

City: Edinburgh

Pages: 336

More info: height 198 mm width 130 mm weight 306 gr thickness 25 mm

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Age recommended: Children/juvenile

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC23) 823.92

Departments: Fantasy;

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