The Chemistry and Technology of Coal, Third Edition

by: James G. Speight

The Chemistry and Technology of Coal, Third Edition
Author: James G. Speight

Publisher: CRC Press Inc

Series: Chemical Industries

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Publication date: 09 May 2012 (REV)

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ISBN: 1439836485 ISBN 13: 9781439836484

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The demand for coal use (for electricity generation) and coal products, particularly liquid fuels and chemical feedstocks, is increasing throughout the world. Traditional markets such as North America and Europe are experiencing a steady increase in demand whereas emerging Asian markets, such as India and China, are witnessing a rapid surge in demand for clean liquid fuels. A detailed and comprehensive overview of the chemistry and technology of coal in the twenty-first century, The Chemistry and Technology of Coal, Third Edition also covers the relationship of coal industry processes with environmental regulations as well as the effects of combustion products on the atmosphere. Maintaining and enhancing the clarity of presentation that made the previous editions so popular, this book: * Examines the effects of combustion products on the atmosphere * Details practical elements of coal evaluation procedures * Clarifies misconceptions concerning the organic structure of coal * Discusses the physical, thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties of coal * Analyzes the development and current status of combustion and gasification techniques In addition to two new chapters, Coal Use and the Environment and Coal and Energy Security, much of the material in this edition been rewritten to incorporate the latest developments in the coal industry. Citations from review articles, patents, other books, and technical articles with substantial introductory material are incorporated into the text for further reference. The Chemistry and Technology of Coal, Third Edition maintains its initial premise: to introduce the science of coal, beginning with its formation in the ground to the production of a wide variety of products and petrochemical intermediates in the twenty-first century. The book will prove useful for scientists and engineers already engaged in the coal and/or catalyst manufacturing industry looking for a general overview or update on the clean coal technology as well as professional researchers and students in chemistry and engineering. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: CRC Press Inc

Edition details 3rd Revised edition

City: Baton Rouge

Edition: REV

Pages: 845

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Age recommended: General/trade

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC22) 662.62

Departments: Solid fuel technology; Economic geology;

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Summary The Chemistry and Technology of Coal, Third Edition Part I Character and Properties Occurrence and Resources Introduction History Rock Environment Seam Structure Reserves Resources References Classification Introduction Classification Systems Correlation of the Various Systems Epilogue References An Organic Sediment Introduction Precursors of Coal Coal-Forming Processes Heteroatoms in Coal Epilogue References An Organic Rock Introduction Physical Structure Petrology Petrography Petrology, Petrography, and Behavior References Recovery Introduction Exploratory Drilling Equipment and Techniques Mining References Preparation, Transportation, and Storage Introduction Coal Preparation Size Reduction Coal Cleaning Coal Drying Desulfurization Coal Sampling Transportation Storage References Mineral Matter Introduction Origin of Mineral Matter in Coal Occurrence Mineral Types Classification Evaluation of Mineral Matter Chemistry of Ash Formation Effect of Mineral Matter in Coal References Coal Analysis Introduction Sampling Proximate Analysis Ultimate Analysis (Elemental Analysis) Calorific Value Reporting Coal Analyses Precision and Accuracy Interrelationships of Analytical and Physical Data References Coal Properties Introduction Physical Properties Mechanical Properties Thermal Properties Electrical Properties Epilogue References Organic Constituents Introduction Solvent Extraction Chemical Methods Spectroscopic Methods Physical Property Methods Heteroatoms Molecular Weight Assessment of Coal Structure References Solvent Extraction Introduction Physicochemical Concepts Action of Specific Solvents Composition of the Extracts Solvolysis Solvent Swelling of Coal Epilogue References Chemical Reactivity Introduction Reactions with Oxygen (or Air) Reactions with Oxidants Bacterial Oxidation of Coal Hydrogenation Halogenation Alkylation Depolymerization Hydrolysis Miscellaneous Reactions References Thermal Reactivity Introduction Thermal Decomposition Processes Physicochemical Aspects Thermal Decomposition Products References Part II Technology and Utilization Combustion Introduction Chemistry and Physics Combustion Systems Coal-Liquid Mixtures Coal Combustion Products References Electric Power Generation Introduction Electricity from Coal Steam Generation Power Plant Waste Coal-Water Fuels Air Pollution Control Devices Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies References Carbonization Introduction Physicochemical Aspects Process Concepts Coal Tar Coke Charcoal References Briquetting and Pelletizing Introduction General Concepts Briquetting Technology Charcoal Briquettes Bio-Briquettes Briquette Properties Processes Pelletizing References Liquefaction Introduction Physicochemical Aspects Process Classification Reactors Products References Liquefaction Processes Introduction Pyrolysis Processes Solvent Extraction Processes Catalytic Liquefaction Processes Indirect Liquefaction Processes Coal Liquids Refinery References Gasification Introduction Gaseous Products Physicochemical Aspects Process Types and Reactors Gasification of Coal with Biomass and Waste Underground Gasification Environmental Aspects References Gasification Processes Introduction Fixed-Bed Processes Fluidized-Bed Processes Entrained-Bed Processes Molten Salt Processes Underground Gasification References Clean Coal Technologies Introduction Historical Perspectives Modern Perspectives Clean Coal Technology Managing Wastes from Coal Use Carbon Dioxide Capture and Sequestration References Gas Cleaning Introduction Environmental Legislation General Aspects Particulate Matter Removal Acid Gas Removal Removal of Sulfur-Containing Gases Removal of Nitrogen-Containing Gases References Chemicals from Coal Historical Aspects Coal Tar Chemicals Fischer-Tropsch Chemicals Chemicals from Methane References Environmental Aspects of Coal Use Introduction Production Preparation Transportation and Storage Combustion Carbonization Liquefaction Gasification Clean Coal Technologies References Coal and Energy Security Introduction Energy Security National Energy Plan and Coal Utilization Electric Power Generation Hydrogen from Coal Energy Security and Sustainable Development References Glossary Index Top page

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