The Arts of Rule

Essays in Honor of Harvey C. Mansfield

Edited by Sharon R. Krause - Mary Ann McGrail

The Arts of Rule

Edited by Sharon R. Krause, Mary Ann McGrail

Publisher: Lexington Books

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Publication date: 16 January 2009

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ISBN: 0739119729 ISBN 13: 9780739119723

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Two generations of students inspired by Harvey Mansfield come together here to demonstrate how their diverse approaches illuminate the topic of the arts of rule and speak to the wide scope of Mansfield's contributions. The essays collected here cover both ancient and modern ground. The first section covers topics such as Xenophon's question of what it is to be a gentleman, Aristotle's view of friendship, Montaigne's account of the highest good, and Montesquieu's elevation of modesty. The second section engages Machiavelli's political theory and its influence on subsequent thinkers, such as Bacon, Hobbes, and Hume. Authors in the third section examine the sources, conditions, and practices of freedom in the context of modern politics, drawing on writers from Shakespeare to Tocqueville to shed light on contemporary debates. The arts of rule cover the exercise of power by princes and popular sovereigns, but they range beyond the domain of government itself, extending to civil associations, political parties, and religious institutions. Artful rule both directs the use of authority toward a specific end and posits a more comprehensive vision of the best way of life for human beings. Making full use of political philosophy and benefiting from a range of backgrounds, this collection recognizes that although the arts of rule are comprehensive, the best government is a limited one. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Lexington Books

City: Lanham, MD

Pages: 460

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Age recommended: Professional and scholarly

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC21) 320.01 Library of Congress Subject: Political science - History

Departments: Political science & theory;

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Summary The Arts of Rule Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 Part I. Reflections on the Soul Chapter 3 Chapter 1. What is a Gentleman? An Introduction to Xenophon Chapter 4 Chapter 2. Xenophon on Gentlemanliness and Friendship Chapter 5 Chapter 3. On the Nature of Friendship in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Chapter 6 Chapter 4. Aristotle and Liberalism Chapter 7 Chapter 5. Against Power and Glory: Montaigne's Critique of Machiavellian Acquisition Chapter 8 Chapter 6. The Education of the Sentiments in Montesquieu's The Temple of Gnidus Part 9 Part II. Conversations with Machiavelli Chapter 10 Chapter 7. How Machiavellian is Cicero? Chapter 11 Chapter 8. Being Altogether Bad, Becoming Altogether Good Chapter 12 Chapter 9. Hobbes' Clockwork: The State of Nature & Machiavelli's Return to the Beginnings of Cities Chapter 13 Chapter 10. Machiavelli, Hobbes, Clausewitz, and Foucault: Four Variations on the Zero-Sum Theme Chapter 14 Chapter 11. Montesquieu's Political Science: A Cure for Machiavellianism Chapter 15 Chapter 12. New Models and Orders: Hume's Cromwell as Modern Prince Part 16 Part III. Modern Politics and the Practice(s) of Freedom Chapter 17 Chapter 13. The Source of Hamlet Chapter 18 Chapter 14. Frenzy, Gloom, and the Spirit of Liberty in Hume Chapter 19 Chapter 15. Strauss's Burke Reconsidered Chapter 20 Chapter 16. Metrosexual Manliness: Tocqueville's New Science of Energy Chapter 21 Chapter 17. Seeing "Not Differently, but further, Than the Parties" Chapter 22 Chapter 18. Respectable Partisanship Part 23 Part IV. Harvey Mansfield as Teacher and Scholar Chapter 24 Chapter 19. Harvey Mansfield: An Appreciation Chapter 25 Publications by Harvey Mansfield Chapter 26 Courses Taught by Harvey Mansfield Chapter 27 A Brief Biography of Henry Mansfield Top page

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