Science and Golf: St.Andrews, Scotland 2nd

Proceedings of the World Scientific Congress of Golf
Science and Golf: St.Andrews, Scotland 2nd

Publisher: Spon Press

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Publication date: 23 June 1994

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Science and Golf: St.Andrews, Scotland 2nd

Papers presented at the second World Scientific Congress of Golf. The overall theme is the application of science, scientific method and scientific research in golf. The congress provides a forum for scientists of different disciplines to meet and discuss their ideas and research and for practising coaches to interact with scientists. Top page

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This book should be of interest to sports science researchers; sports science/studies students; golf coaches; golf equipment manufacturers; golf course designers and managers. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Spon Press

City: London

Pages: 672

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Age recommended: College/higher education

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC20) 796.352

Departments: Golf; Industrial applications of scientific research & technological innovation;

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Summary Science and Golf: St.Andrews, Scotland 2nd Foreword. Part One: The golfer. How has biomechanics contributed to the understanding of the golf swing?, C J Dillman and G W Lange. Usefulness of partial swings in the rehabilitation of a golfer, L J Lemak, G S Fleisig, C M Welch, B Marting and J E Zvijac. Back pain in novice golfers, a one year follow up, G A Van Der Steenhoven, A Burdof and E G M Tromp-Klaren. Discrete pressure profiles of the feet and weight transfer patterns during the golf swing, E S Wallace, P N Grimshaw and R L Ashford. Ground reaction forces and torques of professional and amateur golfers, S W Barrentine, G S Fleisig, H Johnson and T W Woolley. The biomechanics of the shoe-ground interaction in golf, G Koenig, M Tamres and R W Mann. A biomechanical analysis of the respiratory pattern during the golf swing, K Kawashima, S Takeshita, H Zaitsu and T Meshizuka. Spine and hip motion analysis during the golf swing, M McTeigue, S R Lamb, R Mottram and F Pirozzolo. Centrifugal force and the planar golf swing, B Lowe and I H Fairweather. Categorisation of golf swings, M A J Cooper and J S B Mather. Dynamic model and computer simulation of a golf swing, S M Nesbit, J S Cole, T A Hartzell, K A Oglesby and A F Radich. A concise method of specifying the geometry and timing of golf swings, D L Linning. A study of the correlation between swing characteristics and club head velocity, R L Robinson. Three-dimensional kinematic analysis of the golf swing, P A McLaughlin and R J Best. One move to better ball flight, K Kanwar and R V Chowgule. Common pre-swing and in-swing tendencies of amateur golfers, E Alpenfels. Golf development in Australia, D Wall. Teaching methods and epistemic styles of golf instructors, R J Rancourt and R Q Searle. Possibilities available in teaching using videos and computers, P-A Brostedt. Research based golf: from the laboratory to the course, D J Crews. Contributions of psychological, psychomotor, and shot-making skills to prowess at golf, P R Thomas and R Over. Factors affecting the salience of outcome, performance and process goals in golf, K Kingston and L Hardy. The self-regulatory challenges of golf, D S Kirschenbaum. Promotion of the flow state in golf: a goal perspective analysis, J L Duda. Mental preparation for golf: achieving optimal performance, S Murphy. Visual performance differences among professional, amateur and senior amateur golfers, B Coffey, A W Reichow, T Johnson and S Yamane. Toward putting performance enhancement: a methodology using quantitative feedback, P H Beauchamp, L M Landsberger, W R Halliwell, R Koestner and M E Ford. A study of golfers' abilities to read greens, D Pelz. How to lower your putting score witho Top page

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