River Flow 2012

Edited by Rafael Murillo Munoz

River Flow 2012


Edited by Rafael Murillo Munoz

Publisher: CRC Press

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Publication date: 25 September 2012

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River Flow 2012

International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Researchconference Top page

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Rivers are complex entities. In addition to being valuable wildlife habitats, they support human activities by providing water for human usage, renewable energy and convenient transportation. Rivers may also pose threats to riverine communities, in the form of floods and other natural or man-induced hazards. Contemporary societies recognize their responsibility in ensuring the sustainable use of rivers and in preserving river's intrinsic ecological and landscape values. This obligation is often in conflict with riverine economic exploitation and with risk management concerns. As a discipline, Fluvial Hydraulics makes a significant contribution to the development of strategies for sustainable river use by providing new modelling tools and engineering techniques based on advances in phenomenological understanding and in computational modelling. River Flow 2012 comprises the Proceedings of the sixth edition of the International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, organized under the auspices of the Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR). The book covers issues such as river hydrodynamics, morphodynamics and sediment transport. Other contributions describe interdisciplinary approaches and experiences, particularly regarding interfacial activities involving environmental sciences and information technologies. River Flow 2012 contains the most recent theoretical accomplishments, numerical developments, experimental investigations and field studies in Fluvial Hydraulics. It is an excellent resource for researchers, civil and environmental engineers, and practitioners in river-related disciplines. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: CRC Press

City: London

Pages: 1380

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Age recommended: College/higher education

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC21) 551.483

Departments: Environmental engineering & technology; Dams & reservoirs;

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Summary River Flow 2012 Preface Organization Organizing institutions and sponsor Acknowledgement VOLUME 1 Keynotes Performance review of Jamuna Bridge River training works 1997-2009 G.J. Klaassen, H. van Duivendijk & M.H. Sarker Fluvial influence on estuaries and coastal wetlands G.M.E. Perillo Problems and researches on eco-hydraulics and eco-sedimentation Z.-Y.Wang & M. Xu A. River hydrodynamics A.1 Turbulent open channel flow & transport of sediments Numerical investigation of flow structure and shear stress over fixed dunes S. Attar & S.S. Li Similarities and differences of fluvial shallow mixing layers A. Dudill, J.D. Shucksmith &W. Brevis 3D flow structure in a sand bed stream with riparian vegetation S. Gorrick & J.F. Rodriguez Exchanges between river flow and its side basins S. Karimpour Ghannadi &V.H. Chu Computations of unsteady river flows around a bridge pier by shallow multi-level grid model I. Kimura, S. Saito &Y. Shimizu Influence of bluff body wake structure on fish preferred holding locations R.W.J. Lacey & J.L. van Leeuwen Turbulence anisotropy in a compound meandering channel I. Mera, M.J. Franca, J. Anta & E. Pena Visualizing the variation in normality of a turbulent velocity field A. Nichols & S.J. Shepherd Mean flow field around a boulder within a fully submerged boulder array T. Papanicolaou, A.G. Tsakiris & C.M. Kramer Higher-order moments of velocity fluctuations in an open channel flow with mobile bedforms H. Prashanth Reddy, V. Roussinova, R. Balachandar &T. Bolisetti Computations on meandering compound channel flows using 3D URANS model 1 R. Shimada, I. Kimura, Y. Shimizu & R. Inoue Bursting and flow kinematics in natural streams A.N. Sukhodolov &V.I. Nikora A.2 Flow resistance & bed roughness Numerical modelling of rapidly varying flow over weir-like obstacles during high water stages S. Ali,W.S.J. Uijttewaal & I. Kimura Shock wave/boundary layer interaction in hydraulic jumps in very large channels M. Ben Meftah, F. De Serio & M. Mossa 2-D numerical modeling of water flow over a gravel bar M. Jaballah, B. Camenen, A. Paquier & M. Jodeau Intense bed-load friction and transport: The effect of concentration V. Matousek & J. Krupicka Integration of a dune roughness model with a large-scale flow model A.J. Paarlberg & R.M.J. Schielen Modelling the influence of macrophyte patches on river flow P. Rameshwaran & P.S. Naden Turbulence characteristics of rough open channel flow subjected to bed injection V. Roussinova & R. Balachandar Simulation of macro resistance in steep mountain stream T.Wang &V.H. Chu Bed form evolution under varying discharges, flume versus field J.J.Warmink, C.M. Dohmen-Janssen & R.M.J. Schielen A.3 Overbank flows & vegetation An experimental study of drag forces acting on flexible plants J. Aberle &A. Dittrich Numerical modelling of overbank flood routing J.B. Abril, M.S. Altinakar &Y. Jia Influence of vegetation on compound-channel turbulent field R. Azevedo, J.B. Leal & L. Rojas-Solorzano Flow in skewed compound channels with rough floodplains D. Bousmar, T. Jacqmin, S.Wyseur & S. Van Emelen LES of flow past a porous cylinder K.S. Chang & G. Constantinescu Vegetated flows: drag force and velocity profiles for foliated plant stands J. Jalonen, J. Jarvela & J. Aberle Turbulent flows in a compound open channel with emergent vegetation Y. Kawahara, F. Jahra & F. Hasegawa Errors in 2-D modelling using a 0th order turbulence closure for compound channel flows F. Linde, A. Paquier, S. Proust &Y. Peltier Energy dissipation of flows in vegetated patches with spatially varying stem density A.M. Ricardo, M.J. Franca, A. Schleiss & R.M.L. Ferreira Modeling of vegetated rivers for inbank and overbank flows K. Shiono, M. Takeda, K. Yang, Y. Sugihara &T. Ishigaki Unsteady flow in natural compound channel: experiment and simulation F.J.M. Simoes & P.J. Kinzel Dynamics of turbulent flow along and behind vegetation patches: Field experiments T.A. Sukhodolova &A.N. Sukhodolov Characteristics of local erosion and deposition with a patch of vegetation H. Suk Kim, I. Kimura &Y. Shimizu Propagation of a gravity current in an aquatic canopy: Insights from Large Eddy Simulations A. Yuksel Ozan, G. Constantinescu &T. Tokyay Application of a porous media approach for vegetation flow resistance P. Zinke A.4 Unsteady open channel flow & dambreak Turbulence measurements in dam-break flows R. Aleixo, Y. Zech & S. Soares-Frazao Two-dimensional hydrodynamic dam break simulation on the Camu river, Dominican Republic E. James Nelson & R. Jones Submerged and un-submerged flow through dam breach S. Karimpour Ghannadi &V.H. Chu A.5 Interaction with structures Scour around a variably submerged barb in a gravel bed stream F. Bressan &A.N. Thanos Papanicolaou Hydro- and morphodynamics tracking of the evolution of a culvert-attached scour hole H.-C. Ho, A. Firoozfar & M. Muste Modeling of flood in urban areas with a porosity model: Directional effects M. Velickovic, Y. Zech & S. Soares-Frazao A.6 Diffusion & dispersion process The influence of bed roughness on the dynamics of gravity currents H.I.S. Nogueira, C. Adduce, E. Alves & M.J. Franca PTV-based detection of chaotic features in groyne field flushing processes M. Zsugyel, K.G. Szabo & J. Jozsa B. River morphology & sediment transport B.1 Mechanics of sediment transport A settling velocity parameterization for sand/mud mixture in a 1D flow during a flushing event G. Antoine, M. Jodeau, B. Camenen & M. Esteves Tentative measurements of bedload transport in an energetic alpine gravel bed river B. Camenen, M. Jaballah, T. Geay, P. Belleudy, J.B. Laronne & J.P. Laskowski Experimental study of ripple formation Y. Cui & J.C.Wells Experimental bedload sorting at the particle scale on steep slopes P. Frey &T. Martin Tidal bore: Eulerian velocities and suspended sediment concentration measurements L. Furgerot, D. Mouaze, B. Tessier & J.C. Brun-Cottan Steep flume experiments with large immobile boulders and wide grain size distribution as encountered in alpine torrents T. Ghilardi & A.J. Schleiss Sediment erosion a numerical and experimental study C. Goniva, K. Gruber & C. Kloss Spatio-temporal variability of bedload transport H. Habersack, A. Kreisler, J. Aigner, M. Liedermann & H. Seitz Theoretical basis for Rosgen's Pagosa good/fair equation D.D. Hinton, R.H. Hotchkiss &T.P. Ballestero Flow induced pressure fluctuations with a gravel bed M. Jaeger & G. Smart Adaptive roughness approach for 2D long-term morphodynamic simulation R. Klar, L. Umach, S. Achleitner & M. Aufleger Influence of depot size on bed load transport velocity over static armour layers Kl. Koll & Ka. Koll A continuous vertical grain sorting model for Telemac & Sisyphe U.H. Merkel & R. Kopmann Bed load movement over a fully developed armor layer - A tracer experiment S. Spiller, N. Ruther, Kl. Koll & Ka. Koll Incipient motion of non-cohesive particles in yield stress fluid flows A. Tamburrino, D. Carrillo & C. Ihle A meso-scale gravel tracer model for gravel-bed rivers M. Tritthart, M. Liedermann & H. Habersack Immobile layer formation due to vertical sorting of immobile grain size fractions A.P. Tuijnder & J.S. Ribberink Particle step length variation along river dunes O.J.M. van Duin, J.S. Ribberink, C.M. Dohmen-Janssen & S.J.M.H. Hulscher Sediment transport models to simulate erosion of overtopped earth-dikes S. Van Emelen, L. Schmocker,W.H. Hager, S. Soares-Frazao &Y. Zech Numerical simulation of sediment transport in open channel flow B. Vowinckel, T. Kempe, J. Frohlich &V.I. Nikora Adjustment of fully-developed dunes to sudden changes in flow depth J.D.Wiebe &A.M. Ferreira da Silva B.2 River morphology & morphodynamics The meandering Ucayali River, a cyclic adaptation of cutoff and planform migration J.D. Abad, H. Montoro, C. Frias, J. Paredes & B. Peralta One-dimensional numerical modelling of river morphology processes with non-uniform sediment J.B. Abril, M.S. Altinakar &W.Wu Morphological modeling of river perturbations due to hydroelectric structures at watershed scale H. Alcayaga, P. Belleudy & C. Jourdain Experimental analysis and numerical simulation of a gravel bed stream A. Arias, C. Godoy &Y. Nino A method to evaluate length and height of bed forms in vegetated beds A. Armanini, V. Cavedon & M. Righetti A coupled hydro-sedimentologic model to assess the advance of the Parana River Delta Front N.D. Badano, M. Sabarots Gerbec, M. Re &A.N. Menendez A comprehensive field analysis of a river confluence S. Baranya, J. Jozsa, G.T. Torok & N. Ruther Glacial-lake outburst flood effects on Colonia River Morphology, Chilean Patagonia E. Bastianon,W. Bertoldi & A. Dussaillant Three effects of bedforms on the river bed profile A. Blom Numerical investigation of hydro-morphological changes due to training works in the Salzach River M.D. Bui & P. Rutschmann Automatic object detection to analyze the geometry of gravel grains - a free stand-alone tool M. Detert &V.Weitbrecht Numerical investigation of effect of flow stages and vegetation on bed morphology at a large river confluence T.M. Dinh, I. Kimura &Y. Shimizu Bend scour reduction induced by an air-bubble screen under live-bed conditions V. Dugue, A.J. Schleiss & K. Blanckaert Experimental characterization of root anchoring in non-cohesive sediment K. Edmaier, B. Crouzy, P. Perona & P. Burlando Field-scale experiment on migrating bar dynamics: Preliminary analysis J.P.C. Eekhout & A.J.F. Hoitink The transition between gravel-bed rivers and sand-bed rivers R.M. Frings, F. Kirsch, H. Schuttrumpf & S. Vollmer Numerical simulations of groyne influenced dunes A. Goll & R. Kopmann Two-phase modelling of total sediment load in fast geomorphic transients M. Greco, M. Iervolino, A. Vacca & A. Leopardi Sediment transport in a 90-degree diversion: Experimental and conceptual approach A. Herrero, A. Bateman & V. Medina On the cause of sand casting due to avulsions part 2 numerical modelling E.M. Hooning, G.J. Klaassen & E. Mosselman Numerical simulation of sand bar formation in downstream of back-step structure with sudden expansion T. Hosoda & H. Shirai Numerical simulation on bed evolution and channel migration in rivers T. Iwasaki, Y. Shimizu & I. Kimura Numerical discretization of the Exner equation in unsteady floods C. Juez, J. Murillo & P. Garcia-Navarro Scouring depth around arch spur dike at river banks A. Keshavarzi, H. Khabbaz & J. Ball On the cause of sand casting due to avulsions part 1 analytical approach G.J. Klaassen & E.M. Hooning The role of intra-event scale bed morphodynamics for riverbank erosion M. Klosch, B. Blamauer & H. Habersack Modelling bank erosion in fluvial channels Y.G. Lai, B.P. Greimann & K.Wu Braided channel morphological changes derived from a combined analysis of multidate airborne LiDAR and archive aerial photographs S. Lallias-Tacon, F. Liebault & H. Piegay The Moire method applied to sediment transport in a small-scale braided river P. Leduc, H. Bellot, A. Recking & M. Naaim Characteristics of meanders and oxbow lakes in Qinghai-Tibet plateau Z.W. Li, Z.-Y.Wang & L. Liu Validation of video monitoring technique to measure wood transport in a river B.J. MacVicar & H. Piegay Padma River morphodynamics near Padma Bridge D.G. McLean, J.A. Vasquez, K. Oberhagemann & M.H. Sarker Numerical exploration of navigability in anabranches around a large fluvial island F.C.R. Melman, E. Mosselman, J.L. Jimenez Osorio & A. Montes Arboleda Simultaneous, co-located measurements of flow velocity and sediment concentration over mobile dunes S. Naqshband, J.S. Ribberink, S.J.M.H. Hulscher & D. Hurther Using computational modeling of river flow with remotely sensed data to Infer Channel Bathymetry J.M. Nelson, R.R. McDonald, P.J. Kinzel & Y. Shimizu 1-D long term simulation of the Parana River morphodynamics in the light of climate variability M. Nones, G. Di Silvio, M. Guerrero & L. Pastorello Quasi-3D modelling of bed shear stresses at high curvature W. Ottevanger,W.S.J. Uijttewaal & K. Blanckaert Morphological modelling of side channels: A comparison between an analytical and numerical approach R.M.J. Schielen, D.R. van Putten, C.F. van der Mark & J.S. Ribberink Effect of sediment entrainment and avalanching on modeling of Grand Canyon eddy bars K.C.J. Sloff, B. Nieuwboer, B. Logan & J. Nelson Development of a rapid assessment tool for river bank erosion A. Spruyt, R.A.M. van der Sligte, C.F. van der Mark, A. Sieben & E. Mosselman Contributions, possibilities and limitations in fluvial eco-hydromorphology R.Y. Tatis Muvdi & J. Stamm The influence of fluvial and maritime processes in shaping the eastern coast of the upper Rio de la Plata estuary L. Teixeira, I. Piedra-Cueva & S. Solari A method for systematic assessment of the morphodynamic response to removal of bank protection C.F. van der Mark, R.A.M. van der Sligte, A. Becker, E. Mosselman & H.J. Verheij Modeling stratigraphy formed by prograding Gilbert deltas E. Viparelli, A. Blom & G. Parker Study on mesoscale bed form in the Ganges reach dominated by suspended sediment A. Yorozuya, MD. S. Rahman & S. Egashira Detailed modelling of river morphological response to climate change scenarios M.F.M. Yossef & K. Sloff Author index VOLUME 2 B.3 Sedimentation in reservoirs Numerical analysis of sediment transport processes in a reservoir G. Harb, C. Dorfmann, J. Schneider, S. Haun & H. Badura 3D numerical simulation of the flushing process in the Angostura reservoir S. Haun, N.R.B. Olsen, C.R. Rodriguez Meza & L. Lizano Sediment transport modelling of a reservoir drawdown, example of Tolla reservoir M. Jodeau & S. Menu Numerical analysis of hydraulic characteristics in a dry dam Y. Murata, I. Kimura, Y. Shimizu & S. Kawamura Watershed erosion evaluation of empirical and physical models at Aguacate Reservoir E.J. Nelson, J.E. McCarthy, M. Paudel & F. Perez Tarbela Dam in Pakistan. Case study of reservoir sedimentation M. Roca B.4 Sediment-structure interaction The morphology of an evolving scour hole around a bridge pier P. Bouratsis, P. Diplas, C.L. Dancey & N. Apsilidis Hydrological and hydraulic characterization in semi arid zones. Analysis of model type, basin size and sediment transport formulae L.G. Castillo & M.D. Marin Statistical analysis of fractal scaling for flow structure around circular bridge pier A. Keshavarzi & J. Ball Effect of spacing and skew-angle on clear-water scour at pier alignments R. Lanca, C. Fael, R. Maia, J. Pego &A.H. Cardoso Evaluation of local scour depth around complex bridge piers M. Moreno, R. Maia, L. Couto &A. Cardoso 3D determination of the scour evolution around a bridge pier by photogrammetric means C. Rapp, K. Eder & U. Stilla Scouring processes around a semi-circular nose pier with attack angles M. Romero, N. Canedo & R. Segales Experiments on ecohydraulic parameters at unstructured block ramps S. Tamagni, V.Weitbrecht & R.M. Boes B.5 Transport & fate of pollutants in rivers Probable maximum flood inundation modeling: a case study in southern Virginia W.J. Kingston, C.F. Castro-Bolinaga, E.R. Zavaleta & P. Diplas Assessment of analytical models for simulating continuous time series of suspended particulate matter concentration in regulated rivers M. Launay, J. Le Coz, H. Angot & M. Coquery B.6 Debris & hyperconcentrated flow High-speed debris-flows generating 2D impulse waves: Experimental analysis F. Bregoli, A. Bateman Pinzon &V. Medina An experimental study of hyperconcentrated flows C. Le Bouteiller, F. Naam & N. Mathys C. River engineering C.1 Flow management & flood control Simultaneous prediction of rating curves and junction split flow relationships in a natural river network J.B. Abril & D.W. Knight Distributed flow guided hydraulic modeling of a desert river system for flood control I. Ahmed & R.M. Gerlach Importance of river bank and floodplain slopes on the accuracy of flood inundation mapping S.A. Brandt & N.J. Lim Control of a single reach with model predictive control M. Breckpot, B. De Moor & O.M. Agudelo A hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling approach for flood risk assessment C. de Gonzalo, J.C. Robredo & J.A. Mintegui Erosion protection of barrier beach strips between river-fed lagoons and the sea V.J.E. Den Boer, F.C.R. Melman, S. Post, E. Mosselman, J. Denham & C. Fernandez Some considerations on reproducing flash floods using one water stage hydrograph at one site T. Hosoda, H. Shirai & A. Saif Prediction of Discharge in a meandering channel using ANFIS S. Moharana & K.K. Khatua Building a 2-D model for the floods in the inner delta of Niger River G. Roy, A. Paquier, G. Belaud & J.P. Baume Effect of sediment diameter on plane dike breach shape and on breach discharge L. Schmocker & W.H. Hager Driftwood retention in large rivers - a new concept V.Weitbrecht & L. Schmocker Flood probability mapping by means of conceptual modeling V.Wolfs, N. Van Steenbergen & P.Willems C.2 River habitat management & river restoration Turbulent flow around box groyne with a longitudinal block F. Cai & A. Tominaga Optimization of ecologically oriented structures in a small urban river C. Lange, Q. Zhang & R. Hinkelmann Habitat suitability simulation of theYangtze River's four major carp species A.Y.J. Yi & B.S.H. Zhang C.3 Physical & numerical modelling in river engineering Hydraulic analysis of transcritical flow in a drop structure applying 1D and 2D numerical models in comparison with a reduced-scale physical model J.B. Abril Historic changes in the Salt River bed stability and its implications on a flood control levee design I. Ahmed & G.E. Freeman Density current migration around a sluice gate R. Akahori &Y. Yoshikawa Development of the iRIC Software for River analysis K. Asahi, Y. Yoshida, H. Tsunematsu, Y. Shimizu & J. Nelson Flow under ice cover and jam effects D. Carstensen Evaluation of the applicability of a coupled model of groundwater and surface flow using field data D. Caviedes-Voullieme, M. Gonzalez-Sanchis, P. Garcia-Navarro, J. Murillo, E. Gonzalez & F. Comin Role of bed elevation discordance at 90a - | straight-channel confluences D. Dordevic Comparison between standard and non-linear k-epsilon turbulence models for three-dimensional simulation of turbulent flow in a meandering open channel B. Fraga, L. Cea, E. Pena & L. Davidson MASCARET: A 1-D open-source software for flow hydrodynamic and water quality in open channel networks N. Goutal, J.-M. Lacombe, F. Zaoui & K. El-Kadi-Abderrezzak Simulation of sediment transport upon dam removal B.P. Greimann & Y.G. Lai Modeling the effect of dumping of fine sediment at the Danube River M. Haimann, M. Tritthart & H. Habersack Numerical discretization of friction term in unsteady mud/debris floods J. Murillo & P. Garcia-Navarro Simulation and POD analysis of the flow field in a reach of the Hudson River Estuary T.N.M. Phan, J.C.Wells,W.D. Kirkey, M.S. Islam, C.B. Fuller, T.O. Ojo & J.S. Bonner Uncertainty in 2D flood plain modeling concerning varying distribution of tributary bed loads and rainfall M. Ploerer, S. Achleitner, B. Gems & M. Aufleger Discretisation methods of grading curves at morphodynamic computations L. Umach, R. Klar, S. Achleitner & M. Aufleger Assessment of model improvement actions in river hydrodynamic modelling N. Van Steenbergen & P.Willems Hydraulic modeling for the Padma River Bridge J.A. Vasquez, D.G. McLean, V.F. O'Connor & A. Zimmermann Evaluation of strategies for the acceleration of morphodynamic simulations against the background of waterways maintenance S.Wurms & P.M. Schroder C.4 Navigation waterways and dredging The effect of river training structures on flood heights on the Middle Mississippi River E.J. Brauer Preparing self supporting river systems: How to cope with excessive maintenance dredging? S. van Vuren & H. Havinga C.5 Innovative field & laboratory instrumentation Optical techniques for surface velocity and bed elevation measurements in a fluvial physical scale model K. El-Kadi-Abderrezzak, A. Die Moran, M. Jodeau & F. Lebert Comparison of discharge measurements acquired with ADCP in a moving vessel and fixed vessel techniques in amazon river basin P.E.M. Gamaro, L.H. Maldonado & K.A. Lima Stage-discharge hysteresis evidenced by multi-ADCP measurements J. Le Coz, K. Pobanz, J.-B. Faure, G. Pierrefeu, B. Blanquart & Y. Choquette Characterization of shallow flows using novel acoustic instrumentation A. Nichols, S.J. Tait & K.V. Horoshenkov Detection of erosion/deposition depth using a passive RFID technology A.N. Papanicolaou, I.V. Moustakidis & A.G. Tsakiris C.6 Bank erosion, scour & protection Estimation of rock erosion in channels, bridge piers and hydraulic jumps J.D. Brea, P.D. Spalletti & J. Heck Impact of ship waves on the sediment transport in a nature friendly bank protection S. De Roo, L. Vanhaute & P. Troch The rap on river banks: Protecting river banks with loose rock riprap D.C. Froehlich Failure risk analysis of riverbank ripraps with Monte Carlo simulation M. Jafarnejad, M. Pfister & A.J. Schleiss Characteristics of pier scour in cohesive sediments R.K. Jain, U.C. Kothyari & A. Kumar Quantifying the effect of sediment compaction on pier scour O. Link, K. Klischies, P. Arriagada, G. Montalva & A. Stehr Author index Top page

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