Rivals (A Short Tale of Temptation 1)

by: Victoria Fox

Rivals (A Short Tale of Temptation 1)
Author: Victoria Fox

Publisher: Mira Books

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Publication date: 07 March 2012

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ISBN: 1408981696 ISBN 13: 9781408981696

Complete description

RIVALS...Emily Windermere, darling of British film, has a starring role in the summer's hottest period drama - but it's her scandalous affair off-screen that's set to raise temperatures. Meanwhile Julia Chambers has been cast as the dowdy maid yet again: she's lived her whole life in Emily's shadow, and when her rival moves to take the one thing Julia holds dear, she decides it's payback time. Short Tales of Temptation 1 - A collection of mini bonkbusters that build-up to this summer's blockbuster - TEMPTATION ISLAND. Praise for Victoria Fox 'This debut novel is full of sex, glamour and divas!' 4 stars Star 'Sure to be a huge hit and perfect for the beach' Sun 'Scandalous. Glamorous. Sexy. Victoria Fox's sassy, sparkling debut puts the bonk back into bonkbuster! Written with humour, style and panache' Lovereading.co.uk 'This summer's hottest novel. Hollywood Sinners ...is giving Jackie Collins a run for her money' That's Life! 'Hollywood Sinners is awesome. Like Louise Bagshawe but cooler, Fiona Walker with more balls, and Jackie Collins only funnier. Victoria Fox has jumped into the world of the bonkbuster with enthusiasm and dazzling aplomb. I can't wait to read the next one. Loved it' 10/10 Novelicious.com 'I was blown away ...I truly didn't want it to end ...Hollywood Sinners is a book to pack in your suitcase this summer and I can't wait for Victoria's next offering' 5/5 chicklitreviews.com Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Mira Books

City: Richmond

Pages: 45

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Age recommended: General/trade

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