Puppy's Farmyard Friends

by: Ruth Martin

Puppy's Farmyard Friends
Author: Ruth Martin

Publisher: Templar Publishing

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: 01 February 2012

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ISBN: 1848773919 ISBN 13: 9781848773912

Puppy's Farmyard Friends by Ruth Martin

Perfect for fun loving youngsters, the animals are instantly lovable. Follows the story of Patch the puppy who is always on the lookout for fun on the farm. Top page

Complete description

Patch the puppy lives on Ivy Farm. He's a boisterous scamp, always on the lookout for fun. Join Patch as you lift the gatefold flaps to change the pictures, helping him meet a whole host of baby animal friends for some farmyard frolics. John Butler's adorable illustrations bring these sweet characters to life. Top page

General info

Publisher & Imprint: Templar Publishing

City: Surrey

Pages: 14

More info: height 254 mm width 254 mm thickness 22 mm

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Age recommended: Children/juvenile

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC23) 823.92

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