Plastic Surgery

Clinical Problem Solving

by: Peter J. Taub - R. Michael Koch

Plastic Surgery
Author: Peter J. Taub, R. Michael Koch

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical

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Publication date: 01 October 2009

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ISBN: 0071481508 ISBN 13: 9780071481502

Plastic Surgery by Peter J. Taub - R. Michael Koch

The Only Comprehensive Guide to Management Strategies in Plastic Surgery Top page

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This title helps you to learn how to manage commonly encountered problems in plastic and reconstructive surgery with this unique case-based approach. "The editors have produced a powerful source of knowledge that is easy to use and quite satisfying. Their book ushers readers through 52 plastic surgery cases and details the logical manner in which to objectively evaluate, ponder, and solve problems that each presents...The recognized experts who contribute to this book have translated complex subjects into an erudite syllabus that can be read and understood by a multitude of readers in plastic surgery, including students, residents, and recently trained and veteran plastic surgeons...Reading this book is an enjoyable experience. How much better can learning be than to have fun, test one's clinical acumen, and take away a fund of knowledge? 3 Stars". ("Doody's Review Service"). Covering head, neck, trunk, extremities, and cosmetic concerns, this sourcebook uses numerous visual clinical scenarios to illustrate essential plastic and reconstructive surgical principles. Each chapter is organized by a well-illustrated case, followed by algorithms that take you through effective management strategies and clinically relevant information. The result is an ideal resource for oral board preparation and a valuable primer for students, residents, and attending physicians from diverse specialties. This title is the first resource of its kind, based on visual clinical scenarios designed to sharpen clinical-decision making. Each case includes an algorithm to guide management strategies. It includes extensive, high-yield collection of information and insights for each case. Practical pearls from leading authorities close each case and provide concept-clarifying take-away points. Full-color clinical photos add emphasis to must-know points throughout each case. It includes suggested references that provide further information on each subject. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: McGraw-Hill Medical

City: New York

Pages: 366

More info: height 280 mm width 216 mm weight 1448 gr thickness 22 mm

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Age recommended: Professional and scholarly

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC22) 617.952

Departments: Plastic & reconstructive surgery;

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Summary Plastic Surgery Contributors Preface 1. Encephalocele, Reza Jarrahy and Henry K. Kawamoto, Jr. 2. Coronal Synostosis, Peter J. Taub 3. Sagittal Synostosis, Steven R. Buchman 4. Scalp Wound, Bradon J. Wilhelmi 5. Eyelid Ptosis, Marco Harmaty 6. Upper Eyelid Defect, David Staffenberg, Van Garfein, Courtnety Carpenter 7. Ectropion, Peter J. Taub 8. Lower Eyelid Lesion, Malcolm A. Lesavoy and Mark Gelfand 9. Subjective Nasal Deformity, Sean Boutros 10. Nasal Reconstruction, Donald R. Mackay 11. Unilateral Cleft Lip, Jeffrey Weinzweig 12. Bilateral Cleft Lip, Joseph Losee 13. Upper Lip Lesion, Steven Baker 14. Lower Lip Reconstruction, Jack Yu 15. Cleft Palate, William Y. Hoffman 16. Micrognathia, Timothy W. King and Pravin K. Patel 17. Treacher Collins Syndrome, Davinder Singh 18. Prominent Ear Deformity, Patrick Cole and Samuel Stal 19. Microtia, Mitchell A. Stotland 20. Ear Lesion, Larry Hollier, Jr 21. Venous Malformation, Robert Buka and Jessica Simon 22. Panfacial Fracture, Seth Thaller and David Pincus 23. Cheek Mass, Eric Genden 24. Lesion of the Cheek, Gregory R.D. Evans 25. Subjective Facial Aging, Richard Skolnick 26. Facial Paralysis, Jin Chun 27. Hemangioma, Corey S. Goldberg, Mark M. Urata, and John Reinisch 28. Congenital Chest Deformity, Michael L. Bentz 29. Sternal Wound Infection, Norman Shulman 30. Juvenile Virginal Hypertrophy of the Breast (Gigantomastia), Elizabeth J. Hall-Findlay 31. Gynecomastia, Dennis C. Hammond 32. Poland Syndrome, Nicolas Guay 33. Tuberous Breast Deformity, R. Michael Koch 34. Subjective Hypomastia, Paul Smith 35. Breast Cancer, Charles Butler and Mark L. Venturi 36. Abdominal Wall Defect, Norman Schulman 37. Postbariatric Reconstruction, Thomas P. Sterry 38. Congenital Melanocytic Nevi, Rafael J. Diaz-Garcia and Paul S. Cederna 39. Ischial Pressure Ulcer, Adam H. Hamawy and Jeffrey E. Janis 40. Sacral Pressure Ulcer, C. Scott Hultman 41. Trochanteric Pressure Sore, Harvey Himel 42. Lower Extremity Injury, Babak Mahrara 43. Flame Burn, Lily Lee and Warren Garner 44. Syndactyly, Neil Ford Jones 45. Thumb Hypoplasia, Shelley Noland and James Chang 46. Thumb Amputation, Kodi K. Azari and W.P. Andrew Lee 47. Flexor Tendon Laceration, Michael Neumeister 48. Flexion Deformity of the Finger, John Ko 49. Mangled Hand, Ernest Kirchman 50. Finger Mass, David Chiu 51. Swan Neck Deformity, Aaron Daliuski 52. Boutonniere Deformity, Richard Gilbert Index Top page

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