Philosophy Looks at the Arts

Contemporary Readings in Aesthetics

by: Joseph Margolis

Edited by Joseph Margolis

Philosophy Looks at the Arts
Author: Joseph Margolis

Edited by Joseph Margolis

Publisher: Temple University Press,U.S.

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Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 01 May 1987 (REV)

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ISBN: 0877224404 ISBN 13: 9780877224402

Philosophy Looks at the Arts by Joseph Margolis

Offers an introduction to analytic aesthetics. This book helps define the structure of aesthetics in 24 articles. Top page

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The first edition of this widely used anthology offered a needed introduction to a new analytic aesthetics which has in the intervening years become even more influential. This new, revised and expanded edition has been designed by one of the leaders of the field to help define the structure of current aesthetics. Of the 24 articles included more than half are new to this edition. The new edition emphasizes opposing currents in aesthetics with contributions from the most active and influential writers in the field. It is a basic book for any library and is designed to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with a professional orientation in aesthetics. Joseph Margolis is Professor of Philosophy at Temple University. He is the author or editor of twelve other books as well as numerous articles. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Temple University Press,U.S.

Edition details 3rd Revised edition

City: Philadelphia PA

Edition: REV

Pages: 500

More info: height 235 mm width 152 mm weight 816 gr

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Age recommended: Professional and scholarly

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC19) 111.85 Library of Congress Subject: Philosophy

Departments: History of art / art & design styles; Philosophy;

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Summary Philosophy Looks at the Arts Preface Part I: The Nature of Aesthetic Interests 1. The Aesthetic Point of View -- Monroe C . Beardsley 2. Piece: Contra Aesthetics -- Timothy Binkley 3. Aesthetic Theory and the Experience of Art -- R. K . Elliott Bibliography Part II: Aesthetic Qualities 4. Aesthetic Concepts -- F . N. Sibley 5. Categories of Art -- Kendall L . Walton Bibliography Part III: The Definition of Art 6. The Role of Theory in Aesthetics -- Morris Weitz 7 . The Artworld -- Arthur Danto 8 . Creativity in the Arts -- Jack Glickman Bibliography Part IV: The Ontology of Art 9. Art and Its Objects -- Richard Wollheim 10. Toward an Ontology of Art Works -- Nicholas Wolterstorff 11. The Ontological Peculiarity of Works of Art -- Joseph Margolis Bibliography Part V: Representation in Art 12. Reality Remade -- Nelson Goodman 13. On Drawing an Object -- Richard Wollheim 14. Depiction, Vision, and Convention -- Patrick Maynard Bibliography Part VI: The Intentional Fallacy and Expressive Qualities 15. The Intentional Fallacy -- W. K. Wimsatt and Monroe C. Beardsley 16. Intention and Interpretation in Criticism -- Frank Cioffi 17. Expressive Properties of Art -- Guy Sircello 18. Art and Expression: A Critique -- Alan Tormey Bibliography Part VII: The Objectivity of Criticism 19. The Testability of an Interpretation -- Monroe C. Beardsley 20. Robust Relativism -- Joseph Margolis 21. Critical Communication -- Arnold Isenberg Bibliography Part VIII: Fiction and Metaphor 22. The Language of Fiction -- Margaret Macdonald 23. Possible but Unactual Objects: On What There Isn't -- Alvin Plantinga 24. Metaphor -- Max Black Bibliography Notes on the Contributors Index Top page

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