Oil Resources in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus 9 Volume Set

British Documents 1886-1978

Edited by A. Burdett

Oil Resources in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus 9 Volume Set

Edited by A. Burdett

Publisher: Cambridge Archive Editions

Series: Cambridge Archive Editions

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Publication date: 26 April 2012

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ISBN: 1840973153 ISBN 13: 9781840973150

Oil Resources in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus 9 Volume Set

A selection of British Government documents concerning the development of oil resources in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. Top page

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The greatest currently anticipated source of petroleum is said to be in the Caspian Sea off Baku, but the Caucasus region has been exploited for oil for centuries, as have other smaller, but key fields in Roumania. Now that so many former Soviet satellite states, Azerbaijan and Roumania included, are independent territories, there is global involvement and interest in their development. Through these documents the history of the industry and business itself is depicted, but the involvement of European and overseas companies and governments in this field will serve also as a lens through which to focus on political relations with Russia, her successor state the USSR, and annexed territories. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Cambridge Archive Editions

City: Cambridge

Pages: 6000

More info: height 245 mm width 160 mm weight 12710 gr thickness 270 mm

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Age recommended: Professional and scholarly

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC22) 338.272820947

Departments: Petroleum & oil industries; Economic geology;

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Summary Oil Resources in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus 9 Volume Set Volume 1. 1886-1920: The earliest period of British investment in oil concessions in the Trans-Caucasus and Roumania, depicting typical commercial procedures, involvement of land owners, and the setback to the industry brought about by the Russian Revolution of 1905; Volume 2. 1920-1922: 1920 did not mark the end of disturbances brought about by the First World War in Russia, especially in Trans-Caucasia: the Caspian Sea, Baku, Batoum and other ports, and the three regions which briefly constituted the republic of Trans-Caucasia were occupied and contested variously by the Allies, by General Deniken and the White Russians, by Turkey, and ultimately by the Bolsheviks; Volume 3. 1922-1938: Relations were tense between the UK government, the Soviet Union and Roumania over the unsettled claims, and despite British businesses maintaining a footing in the petroleum trade, the insularity of the Soviet regime during this period led to a steady decline in export/import to western European countries; Volume 4. 1939-1945: Main emphasis is on the defence of Soviet and East European supplies and plans to prevent their falling into belligerent hands; Volume 5. 1946-1948: Dealing with the legacy of Soviet expansionism, and incipient nationalism, from Austria to Iran; Volume 6. 1951-1960: Impact and ramifications of the nationalisation of British companies by foreign governments; efforts by British firms to claim for losses; Soviet Bloc oil: debates about possible imports into the UK, general reviews of export potential in the context of the continuing issue of outstanding claims; Volume 7. 1960-1966: NATO concerns over possibility of increased Russian oil exports, lobbying by the UK; reviews of the effects on the non-communist market, January-March 1961. Consideration of a change of British policy to Soviet oil, in relation to the attitudes of USA and European countries, 1961. Soviet oil exports and the EEC, 1962-63, towards an accommodation with the Russians over oil imports, 1962-64; Volume 8. 1967-1978: This volume addresses the period of relaxation of trade sanctions in oil with Eastern European countries and with Russia, brought about by the resolution of the dispute over claims arising from World War ll, and from the conclusion that Russian oil imports would not diminish other UK energy industries; Volume 9. 20 colour maps. Top page

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