Lucky Stars 6: The Ballerina Wish

by: Phoebe Bright

Lucky Stars 6: The Ballerina Wish
Author: Phoebe Bright

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

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Format: Paperback / softback

Publication date: 05 July 2012 (UBR)

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ISBN: 1447202538 ISBN 13: 9781447202530

Lucky Stars 6: The Ballerina Wish by Phoebe Bright

Explore the magical world of the stars -- where wishes really do come true -- with this collectable, irresistible series for younger readers. Top page

Complete description

One night Cassie is gazing at the twinkling sky, when suddenly a shooting star zooms into her bedroom and transforms, into Stella Starkeeper. Stella and Cassie fly to the secret world of the stars, and Cassie discovers she is destined to be a Lucky Star -- someone who can grant real wishes. But first Cassie must collect six magical charms and use their powers wisely -- helping other people's wishes to come true. Only then will she become a fully fledged Lucky Star! In book six, THE BALLERINA WISH, Cassie meets Izzy, who is dancing the lead role in Cinderella. But she keeps forgetting her dance steps! Can Cassie's heart charm help her to remember them? Top page

General info

Publisher & Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books

Edition details Unabridged

City: London

Edition: UBR

Pages: 128

More info: height 197 mm width 130 mm thickness 9 mm

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Age recommended: Children/juvenile

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC23) 823.92

Departments: Fantasy;

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