Handbook of Multicultural Competencies in Counseling and Psychology

by: Donald B. Pope-Davis - Hardin L. K. Coleman - William Ming Liu - Martin Heesacker - Rebecca L. Toporek

Handbook of Multicultural Competencies in Counseling and Psychology
Author: Donald B. Pope-Davis, Hardin L. K. Coleman, William Ming Liu, Martin Heesacker, Rebecca L. Toporek

Publisher: SAGE Publications Inc

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: 28 August 2003

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ISBN: 0761923063 ISBN 13: 9780761923060

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Handbook of Multicultural Competencies in Counseling and Psychology is the first book to offer the theoretical background, practical knowledge, and training strategies needed to achieve multicultural competence. Focusing on a wide range of professional settings, editors Donald . Pope-Davis, Hardin L Coleman, William Ming Liu, and Rebecca L Toporek provide a compendium of the latest research related to multicultural competency and the hands-on framework to develop specialized multicultural practices. Promoting an appreciation of cultural differences, this innovative text includes } a review of major measures of multicultural competency } an analysis of popular empirically supported treatments within the schema of multicultural competency } information on multicultural competencies and accreditation } an overview of ethical implications } teaching strategies to achieve multicultural competency Handbook of Multicultural Competencies in Counseling and Psychology provides a comprehensive foundation for understanding and integrating multiculturalism in all areas of professional practice.Offering directions for growth and development, the editors and a distinguished group of contributors explore emerging issues within the field. An indispensable resource for psychologists, social workers, school counselors, and teachers, this Handbook is also an ideal supplementary text for students in counselling and clinical practice courses. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: SAGE Publications Inc

City: Thousand Oaks

Pages: 672

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Age recommended: Professional and scholarly

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC22) 158.3 Library of Congress Subject: BF637.C6 H Cross-cultural counseling.

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Summary Handbook of Multicultural Competencies in Counseling and Psychology Forward - Joseph E. Trimble Preface Acknowledgments Section I: CONCEPTS & THEORY Introduction to Section Ch. 1 Multicultural Counseling Competence: History, Themes and Issues - Charles R. Ridley and Amy J. Kleiner Ch. 2 Models of Multicultural Competence: A Critical Evaluation - Debra Mollen Baker, Charles R. Ridley, & Carrie L. Hill Ch. 3 An Ecological Perspective on Cultural Identity Development - Hardin L.K. Coleman, Romana A. Norton, Gina E. Miranda, Laurie McCubbin Ch. 4 Gender, Feminism and Multicultural Competencies - Sharon L. Bowman and Keisa D. King Ch. 5 A Philosophy of Science for Cross-Cultural Psychology - George S. Howard Ch. 6 Moving From Diversity to Multiculturalism: Exploring Power and Its Implications for Multicultural Competence - William M. Liu & Donald B. Pope-Davis Ch. 7 Multiculturally Competent School Counseling - Hardin L.K. Coleman, Thomas Baskin Ch. 8 Multicultural Supervision: The Influence of Race-Related Issues in Supervision and Outcome - Romana A. Norton & Hardin L. K. Coleman Romana A, Norton & Hardin L. K. Coleman Romana A. Norton and Hardin L. K. Coleman Section II: ASSESSMENT Introduction to Section Ch. 9 The Multicultural Counseling Knowledge and Awareness Scale (MCKAS): Validity, Reliability, and User Guidelines - Joseph G. Ponterotto & Jodi C. Potere Ch. 10 An Update on the Multicultural Awareness/Knowledge/Skills Survey (MAKSS) - Michael D'Andrea Ch. 11 Multicultural Counseling Competency and Portfolios - Hardin L. K. Coleman & Julie M. Hau Ch. 12 How Multicultural is Your Environment: Using the Multicultural Environment Inventory (MEI) - Rebecca L. Toporek, William M. Liu, & Donald B. Pope-Davis Ch. 13 Assessing Teacher Multicultural Competence: Self-Report Instruments, Observer Report Evaluations, and a Portfolio Assessment - Joseph G. Ponterotto, Jaclyn Mendelsohn, & Lonette Belizaire Ch. 14 Assessing Supervisors' and Supervisees' Perceptions of Multicultural Competence in Supervision using the Multicultural Supervision Inventory (MSI) - Donald B. Pope-Davis, Rebecca L. Toporek, & Lideth Ortega-Villalobos Section III: RESEARCH Introduction to Section Ch. 15 Challenges to the Development of Culturally Relevant Empirically Supported Treatment - Hardin L. K. Coleman & Bruce E. Wampold Ch. 16 Multicultural Research on Counselor and Client Variables: A Relational Perspective Conducting MCC Research - Gargi Roysircar, Robert Hubbell, & Gregory Gard Ch. 17 Qualitative Research and Multicultural Counseling Competency: An Argument for Inclusion - Dibya Choudhuri Ch. 18 Objectively Measured Multicultural Counseling Competencies: A Preliminary Study Ch. 18 - Shelley Ruelas Section IV: PRACTICE Introduction to Section Ch. 19 Multicultural Competence and Accreditation in Professional Psychology - Elizabeth M. Altmaier Ch. 20 Ethic and Multicultural Competence - Edward Delgado-Romero Ch. 21 Multicultural Competencies in Consultation - Patricia Arredondo & Jeannette Gordon Reinoso Ch. 22 Multicultural Competencies in Managed Health Care - Jean Lau Chin Ch. 23 Multicultural Competencies in Counseling Centers - Amy L. Reynolds & Raechele L. Pope Ch. 24 Multicultural Competence in Supervision: Issues, Processes, and Outcomes - Madonna G. Constantine Ch. 25 Multicultural Competencies in Career Counseling - Byron K. Hargrove, Maureen G. Creagh, & Deborah B. Kelly Ch. 26 Multicultural Competence in School Settings - Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy Ch. 27 Implications of Social and Cultural Influences for Multicultural Competencies in Health Psychology - Thomas V. Merluzzi and Krupa Hegde Ch. 28 Multicultural Competencies and Rehabilitation Counseling/Psychology - Paul Leung Ch. 29 Building Connection through Diversity in Group Counseling - Eric C. Chen, Brett D. Thombs, & Catarina I. Costa Ch. 30 Racial & Ethnic Origins Harassment in the Workplace: Evaluation Issues & Symptomatology - Maria P.P. Root Section V: TEACHING Introduction to Section Ch. 31 The Multicultural Competence of Teachers and the Challenge of Academic Achievement - Ernest D. Washington, Jr. Ch. 32 Teachers' Multicultural Competencies (K-12) - Genella M. Taylor & Stephen M. Quintana Ch. 33 Walking a Tightrope: Strategies for Teaching Undergraduate Multicultural Counseling Courses - Alvin N. Alverez & Marie L. Miville Ch. 34 Teaching Multicultural Competence in Counseling Curriculum - Luis A. Vazquez & Enedina G. Vazquez Ch. 35 Teaching Multicultural Competencies in Continuing Education for Psychologists - Thomas A. Parham & Lisa Whitten Thomas A. Parham & Lisa Whitten Thomas A. Parham & Ch. 36 Teaching Multicultural Competencies Using the Internet and Other Technology - Julie R. Ancis CONCLUSION:REFLECTIONS and FUTURE DIRECTIONS Ch. 37 The Future of Multicultural Counseling Competence - Donald R. Atkinson & Tania Israel About the Editors About the Authors Top page

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