Guinness World Records 2014

by: Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records 2014


Author: Guinness World Records

Publisher: Guinness World Records Limited

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Format: Hardback

Publication date: 12 September 2013

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ISBN: 1908843152 ISBN 13: 9781908843159

Guinness World Records 2014 by Guinness World Records

Packed to bursting with new and updated achievements, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2014 features the most inspiring record holders, new topics including Superheroes and Venom, and feature chapters on the Circus and Dynamic Earth. The Augmented Reality is back with more fun. Download the FREE app and watch the record holders come to life. Top page

Complete description

Guinness World Records 2014 brings together thousands of the planet's most awe-inspiring people, pets and products, including new record-holders such as a skateboarding goat, a 15-metre-long robot dragon, the world's furriest cat and a king-size drumkit that needs five people to play it! Packed to bursting with new and updated achievements, Guinness World Records 2014 features an all-new design and more images than we've ever had before - including over 100 all-new original photographs you won't find anywhere else. New topics this year include Superheroes, Venom, and Social Networking, and feature chapters on the Circus and Dynamic Earth round off our most exciting and explosive edition yet. And finally, jumping off the page this year are even more Officially Amazing Augmented Reality features. Just download the free app to your phone or tablet device and look for the "See-It-3D" icons scattered throughout the book. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: Guinness World Records Limited

City: London

Pages: 272

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Age recommended: General/trade

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC23) 032.02

Departments: General encyclopaedias;

Record updated at: 10 April, 2014 time: 23:02

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