Anticancer Agents from Natural Products

Edited by Gordon M. Cragg - David G. I. Kingston - David J. Newman

Anticancer Agents from Natural Products

Edited by Gordon M. Cragg, David G. I. Kingston, David J. Newman

Publisher: CRC Press Inc

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Publication date: 03 October 2011 (REV)

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ISBN: 1439813825 ISBN 13: 9781439813829 This product is the new edition of: Anticancer Agents from Natural Products (2005)

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The approach to drug discovery from natural sources has yielded many important new pharmaceuticals inaccessible by other routes. In many cases the isolated natural product may not be an effective drug for any of several reasons, but it nevertheless may become a drug through chemical modification or have a novel pharmacophore for future drug design. In summarizing the status of natural products as cancer chemotherapeutics, Anticancer Agents from Natural Products, Second Edition covers the: History of each covered drug--a discussion of its mechanism on action, medicinal chemistry, synthesis, and clinical applications Potential for novel drug discovery through the use of genome mining as well as future developments in anticancer drug discovery Important biosynthetic approaches to "unnatural" natural products Anticancer Agents from Natural Products, Second Edition discusses how complex target-oriented synthesis--enabled by historic advances in methodology--has enormously expanded the scope of the possible. This book covers the current clinically used anticancer agents that are either natural products or are clearly derived from natural product leads. It also reviews drug candidates currently in clinical development since many of these will be clinically used drugs in the future. Examples include the drugs etoposide and teniposide derived from the lead compound podophyllotoxin; numerous analogs derived from taxol; topotecan, derived from camptothecin; and the synthetic clinical candidates, E7389 and HTI-286, developed from the marine leads, halichondrin B and hemiasterlin. Top page

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Publisher & Imprint: CRC Press Inc

Edition details 2nd Revised edition

City: Bosa Roca

Edition: REV

Pages: 767

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Age recommended: Professional and scholarly

Subject Indexing & Classification Dewey:(DC22) 616.994061 Library of Congress Subject: Antineoplastic agents

Departments: Pharmaceutical technology; Chemotherapy;

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Summary Anticancer Agents from Natural Products Introduction Gordon M. Cragg, David G. I. Kingston, and David J. Newman Camptothecin and Its Analogs Nicolas J. Rahier, Craig J. Thomas, and Sidney M. Hecht The Discovery and Development of the Combretastatins Kevin G. Pinney, George R. Pettit, Mary Lynn Trawick, Christopher Jelinek, and David J. Chaplin Homoharringtonine and Related Compounds Hideji Itokawa, Yukio Hitotsuyanagi, and Kuo-Hsiung Lee Podophyllotoxins and Analogs Kuo-Hsiung Lee and Zhiyan Xiao Taxol and its Analogs David G. I. Kingston The Vinca Alkaloids Fanny Roussi, Francoise Gueritte, and Jacques Fahy The Bryostatins David J. Newman The Isolation, Characterization, and Development of a Novel Class of Potent Antimitotic Macrocyclic Depsipeptides: The Cryptophycins Rima S. Al-awar and Chuan Shih Chemistry and Biology of the Discodermolides, Potent Mitotic Spindle Poisons Sarath P. Gunasekera and Amy E. Wright The Dolastatins: Novel Antitumor Agents from Dolabella auricularia Erik Flahive and Jayaram Srirangam Ecteinascidin-743 (Yondelis(R)), Aplidin(R), and Irvalec(R) Carmen Cuevas, Andres Francesch, Carlos M. Galmarini, Pablo Aviles, and Simon Munt Discovery of E7389, a Fully Synthetic Macrocyclic Ketone Analog of Halichondrin B Melvin J. Yu, Yoshito Kishi, and Bruce A. Littlefield HTI-286 (Taltobulin), A Synthetic Analog of the Antimitotic Natural Product Hemiasterlin Raymond J. Andersen, David E. Williams, Wendy K. Strangman, and Michel Roberge The Actinomycins Anthony B. Maugera and Helmut Lackner Anthracyclines Federico-Maria Arcamone Ansamitocins (Maytansinoids) Tin-Wein Yu, Heinz G. Floss, Gordon M. Cragg, and David J. Newman Benzoquinone Ansamycins Kenneth M. Snader Bleomycin Group Antitumor Agents Sidney M. Hecht Biochemical and Biological Evaluation of (+)-CC-1065 Analogs and Conjugates with Polyamides Rohtash Kumar and J. William Lown Epothilone, a Myxobacterial Metabolite With Promising Antitumor Activity Gerhard Hofle and Hans Reichenbach Enediynes Philip R. Hamann, Janis Upeslacis, and Donald B. Borders The Mitomycins William A. Remers Staurosporines and Structurally Related Indolocarbazoles as Antitumor Agents Michelle Prudhomme Combinatorial Biosynthesis of Anticancer Natural Products Steven G. Van Lanen and Ben Shen Developments and Future Trends in Anticancer Natural Products Drug Discovery Gordon M. Cragg and David J. Newman Index Top page

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